Monday, 12 November 2012

that monday morning feeling

really wasn't bad at all this morning.  Everyone was up and ready to do the school run at 8.  I think it helped knowing that the school day was to end at 1pm and we could all return home early.  Our school is trying out 'review appointments' in place of the traditional 'parents evenings' so once a term the whole school gets to finish at lunch time.

Just before the children came out of school I nipped into the shop and picked up some bread rolls filled with hot Cumberland swirls (sausages) and on the way home we called into the office and had lunch with MrG.

I have used my extra time at home quite productively - sanding a door frame, painting a wall in the kitchen, painting a couple of picture frames, sorting through a stack of mail, making dinner and doing some online pressie ordering.

Time now for a relaxing soak in the bath me thinks x

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