Thursday, 1 November 2012

november news

MissG and I were talking about blogs the other day as she and her friend MissM have started blogs of their own.  MissG asked me how often I blog and I had to admit that I don't do it as often as I'd like. She said that she follows a young blogger that blogs every day.  What MissG likes about this blogger is that she doesn't do long rambling blogs she just writes a short blog each and every day.  I think that might be the way forward for me so as from today I think I'll give it a go.  Just a quick snippet of what I've been up to each day.

My problem is my time management!  It's not that I don't have the time to blog it's just that I don't manage the time I have effectively. 

The other day I happened to mention to MrG that although I'm not in work this week (it's school half-term here) I still haven't managed to get into my craft room to do even the tiniest bit of sewing. It's not like my 'little ones' need entertaining - they are 15 and 17 so can entertain themselves!  It's just the usual everyday things that need doing before I can allow myself the luxury of hiding myself away in my craft room. 

Anyway, MrG pointed something out that I really think hits the nail on the head, I don't have a routine, I don't have a schedule and therefore I don't use my time effectively.  I do a bit of this then a bit of that and then a bit of the other!   

When the children were younger I felt much more in control of things and seemed to have more 'free' time than I do now and I think that it's because I had a routine, I had set days for working, for shopping, for days out, etc.  It's all very well to be relaxed and not have a routine and just go with the flow but I think I'd be more relaxed and find I have more 'free' time if I set myself a schedule.  So... roll on Monday morning, the start of a new school term, I will begin to 'pencil-in' a new timetable for me!

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