Wednesday, 30 April 2014

An April Assortment

Four months in - isn't this year whizzing by?

Three cheers for my PaPa.  Celebrating his 80th Birthday this month.  Well he celebrated it - BIG style with a trip to the USA!

I celebrated Easter with my most favourite Charbonnel & Walker Milk Chocolate Champagne Truffles. A present from MrG - how thoughtful.  He knows me so well!

Even though it's just April the garden is looking quite colourful. We've only been here since last July so each season we are surprised to see what comes to life.   The previous owner was obviously a keen gardener - I hope we can continue to nurture it and not kill off too many things!

I have bought a few geranium and verbena plug plants to pot up in containers for the patio.

I'm not very green fingered when it comes to house plants but I have managed to keep this garden geranium alive over the winter by bringing it into my dining room.  It has flowered all winter.

On a sad note April came to a close with a family funeral. My Auntie Anne. Rest in peace.

It was our first time at the crematorium since we lost our Mum two years ago and it really was quite tough.  Later in the day we distracted ourselves and cheered ourselves up with a trip to the garden centre and a sweet treat - have you ever seen meringues like this?

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Happy as Larry

that's me!  My darling MrG bought me a laptop this weekend and I'm feeling as happy as Larry.  I'm not sure who Larry is so I'll have to google it on my new laptop! Check it out here if you're curious too -

I will now be able to blog to my heart's content.  I'll be able to sit on the sofa with my laptop on my knees and type away.  There will be no stopping me now.