Sunday, 25 November 2012

delighted daughter

MissG is now the delighted owner of a dressing table.  

I found one on ebay, made one bid and won it.  MrG and I have been to collect it today.  

MrG has a new (to us) car and he was a tad concerned that we wouldn't be able to get the dressing table into the back!  Why didn't I check the size before bidding?  Well I did check the size of the space in her room but not in the boot of the car.  Doh!  

MrG used to have a car that was brilliant for picking up ebay purchases, the back seats lifted out so it was like having a van.  I've been all over the place collecting ebay purchases in the old car and have been able to fit in a dining table, 5 dining chairs, a bookcase, a computer table and a day bed - not all at the same time of course!  

Anyway, I don't know what all the fuss was about.  It fit in fine and is now sitting in the garage awaiting its make-over.  I'm hoping it will encourage MissG to keep her room tidy! 

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