Saturday, 31 May 2014

May oh my

My oh my I can't believe just how fast this year is going.  I think it's due to the fact that I'm now working full time  (well almost - I do 4 and a half days a week) and the weekends just aren't long enough to do all the household chores, crafting, decorating, gardening etc.  I feel as if I'm constantly chasing my tail.  That said, I do have a wonderfully supportive husband that's happy to do grocery shopping, cooking and gardening so I really shouldn't complain. It's just that I sometimes wish I had a little more time for my crafting.

I found this, long forgotten, paper chain pack and decided to use the pretty paper to do some decoupage.  I'm going to cover a tissue box holder.

I made a start (still not finished) decoupaging an old lamp with tissue paper.  Not very artistic but it may revamp the lamp and help it live a little longer!

and while I had my sewing machine out I made lots of cushions for MissG's bedroom.

The rest of my free time this month has been taken up with my new friend Thelma - I think it's about time that I introduced her to you.  I think she deserves a post of her own!

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

An April Assortment

Four months in - isn't this year whizzing by?

Three cheers for my PaPa.  Celebrating his 80th Birthday this month.  Well he celebrated it - BIG style with a trip to the USA!

I celebrated Easter with my most favourite Charbonnel & Walker Milk Chocolate Champagne Truffles. A present from MrG - how thoughtful.  He knows me so well!

Even though it's just April the garden is looking quite colourful. We've only been here since last July so each season we are surprised to see what comes to life.   The previous owner was obviously a keen gardener - I hope we can continue to nurture it and not kill off too many things!

I have bought a few geranium and verbena plug plants to pot up in containers for the patio.

I'm not very green fingered when it comes to house plants but I have managed to keep this garden geranium alive over the winter by bringing it into my dining room.  It has flowered all winter.

On a sad note April came to a close with a family funeral. My Auntie Anne. Rest in peace.

It was our first time at the crematorium since we lost our Mum two years ago and it really was quite tough.  Later in the day we distracted ourselves and cheered ourselves up with a trip to the garden centre and a sweet treat - have you ever seen meringues like this?

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Happy as Larry

that's me!  My darling MrG bought me a laptop this weekend and I'm feeling as happy as Larry.  I'm not sure who Larry is so I'll have to google it on my new laptop! Check it out here if you're curious too -

I will now be able to blog to my heart's content.  I'll be able to sit on the sofa with my laptop on my knees and type away.  There will be no stopping me now.

Monday, 31 March 2014

March-ing on...

Can you believe that March has been and gone?  We're fairly marching through the months aren't we?

This month YoungestSon celebrated his 19th Birthday.  Blimey Charlie!

and it was Mother's Day - I was totally spoilt.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Is it just me?

...that struggles to remember what time my parking ticket is up?  What time I'm due back to the car park?  Even if I know I've paid for 2 hours I struggle to remember what time I'm actually due back?

Well if it's not just me and you need a little tip.  I can offer you one.  I have a simple solution. Use your mobile to take a photo of the ticket before you leave the car. It takes away the doubt, the guess work.  Why haven't I thought of this before?

While I'm on the subject.  Is it just me?

...that hangs ALL the knickers on the washing line by the right hip?  Am I just very organised, very neat and tidy or is it a case of OCD? 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


My sister and I went to see the musical Evita at The Sands Centre in Carlisle. Marti Pellow from the band WetWetWet played Che Guevara.  Evita was played by Madalena Alberto - she had a wonderful voice, especially when she sang Don't Cry For Me Argentina.

We have also booked tickets to see the psychic, Sally Morgan, or as described 'a British television and stage artist and author who claims to have psychic abilities'.  I have an open mind!

But best of all... tickets to see Michael Buble - my sis is very, very excited!!!  Unfortunately we have a long wait - it's not until 5th December.

all images from Google

Friday, 28 February 2014

February flew by...

another random post

Have you ever tried macaroons?  They were featured on The Great British Bake-Off.  They look so perfect, colourful,  sweet and yummy.  But low and behold, what a disappointment, they really don't taste that good at all - I have a sweet tooth but I really don't like the consistency of these

Tunnock's Teacakes, now they're a tasty treat

I finished my Christmas book - an enjoyable, easy read

my daffodils have shot up

and up

the back garden isn't looking so colourful though

We got new neighbours

the cute little Herdwick sheep have moved back into the field next door

A lovely LARGE parcel came for me.  How exciting

containing lots of colourful new wool

lots and lots of new wool

Mr G and I trawled around all the tile showrooms looking for the perfect floor for our kitchen

I know what I like but it's very, very expensive.  I am trying to find something similar but at a fraction of the cost - I'm beginning to wonder if that even exists.  Hence the 'trawling' around! 

I sent a little birthday gift to my friend - Happy Birthday Ginny

MrG and I had lunch out at The Lounge in Penrith

and Jack Frost paid us a visit.  It really was a chilly February.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Copious Crochet

Whilst hibernating over the winter months I have been crocheting away on various projects.

Wooly winter scarves...

My first ever baby blanket...

This sat unfinished until it was revealed that my niece is expecting a little boy so I was able to finish the edging in blue.  Her second son is due at the end of May.

A cotton yarn bowl...

This wool was found in the back of a cupboard when my Dad was having a clear out.  My Mum was a keen knitter and had quite a stash of yarns - that I have now inherited.  I can't knit and I'm relatively new to crocheting so I haven't experimented with different yarns.  This cotton yarn was much thicker than anything I have worked with before and I had to buy a size 10 crochet hook.  It did make for a very quick project.

Tin Covers
Like many others, I have been totally inspired by Lucy at Attic 24.  Theses tuna tin covers make pretty little plant pots for the mini daffodils - a bargain buy at 99p from Morrison's.

And my new WIP is a throw for my living room.  Lovely, soft wool in muted colours.  This is a big project so I'll probably be working on it through the year and hopefully have it finished in time for next winter!

Friday, 31 January 2014

January Blues

... and yellows and pinks and greens

I crocheted colourful tuna tin covers for my bargain daffodils - 99p each in Morrisons

I had a trip to the cinema with my sister to see The Railway Man 

I bought yet more materials for yet more craft projects
I ate a full English breakfast - a great start to the New Year!

I've been really struggling for time to get up to date with my blog. I know this is a bit of a random post but I wanted to record my January moments.