Monday, 26 November 2012

bah! boots

Now that the wintery weather is upon us I am after a pair of long winter boots.  Everywhere I go I see people wearing lovely long leather riding boots.  I'm not having much luck finding a pair that I like in my size though.  

I found some in Next, they were faux leather but at £48 they were a good buy.  Unfortunately everyone thinks they are a good buy too because they are 'out of stock' in every size!

I hunted down a pair I liked online, they were a bit pricey at £99 but they only had 1 pair left in my size so I promptly put in my order.  Today I went to M&S to collect them and was upset to find that I couldn't even get them on - they had no zips down the side and had to be pulled on like a pair of wellies - I was really disappointed.

The hunt goes on...

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