Friday, 9 November 2012

plans are a hatching

Not sure if I really want to put this in writing yet as the plan is still very much in it's embryonic state (no, I'm not pregnant!) and it might not actually happen, but...

Last week, MrG and I had a spark of an idea and we are now looking into taking it to the next stage and make plans for our future.  Blimey!  It involves moving office/studio and house!

For a while now, and especially since losing Mum in January, we have been feeling quite unsettled.  I think it does make you re-evaluate things and question where you want to be and what you want to do.  You only live once as they say.  We would both like to be closer to our families now that they are getting older - my Dad is now 78 and lives an hours drive away and MrG's folks are two and a half hours away.  We have thought about moving house on-and-off over the last few years but have not wanted to move the children from their school.  But... now our eldest son is in his second year at Uni, our youngest son is in his final year and completing his A'level studies and MissG will be doing her final GCSE exams next May/June so there is an opportunity now to start hatching a plan.

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