Sunday, 22 April 2012

pretty things

A pretty parcel came in the post today

and in that pretty parcel was a pair of pretty pumps

Ooo aren't they lovely?

and more pretty things were to follow

MrG went to do a grocery shop and came back with a pretty present for me

a pack of pretty socks

Ooo isn't he lovely?

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

hospital visit

On Monday I had to go into hospital for an endoscopy (camera down my throat) and a colonoscopy (camera up the unmentionable!).

I made the mistake of 'googling' the procedure at the weekend and it really wasn't a good idea! I am one of those people who like to read up about things so that I am aware of what's going on and then I'm able to make informed choices.  In this case I really shouldn't have - I read a few 'horror' stories about people feeling quite traumatised about the whole experience.

My sister spent the day with me so we laughed and chatted all day.  By the time I got to the hospital I just wanted to get it over with and didn't really feel nervous.   

I would like to say that the team at Royal Lancaster Infirmary were wonderful.  In at 3pm, out at 6pm and then off to Macky D's for a burger!  I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast on Sunday morning so it went down very well - it tasted so good.

When I got home MrG and MissG had been shopping for some pretty flowers and some 'soothing' English Lakes ice-cream - so lovely and soothing and delicious!  My throat was quite tender so the lovely 'soothing' ice-cream went down a treat.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

chic vintique

MrG and I went down to Clitheroe to visit the 'Chic Vintique' vintage sale this weekend. I'm sorry I didn't take any photo's. The village hall was packed with stalls and it was very busy.

I bought a bathroom cabinet to add to my stock-pile of 'projects' in my garage awaiting make-overs. I think this one will look lovely with a white-wash and porcelain knob.  I will let you see the make-over in due course (even if it's months away).

pic to be added here

I bought this vintage clothes airer.  I wanted one to cover with fabric to make a small screen and had been watching a couple of them on ebay.  Luckily I found this one so I didn't have any postage costs to pay!

pic to be added here

My final purchase was a couple of crocheted doilies - a bargain at only 50p each.  I have plans for these!  I'm not going to use these a doilies as I'm not a doily sort of person.  I am actually going to use them to create patterns on air hardening clay and then make them into Christmas decorations.  Knowing me I'll forget about them and won't get round to starting them until I get my tree in mid December. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

little visitor

While looking out of our patio window today we noticed that we had a little visitor...

can't see anything?

only joking!

here he is sitting on our barrel

This is Bernard - a tiny little field mouse

Cute as a button and quite entertaining!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

boot sale buys

Believe it or not I had only ever been to one car boot sale prior to the one I went to on Sunday.  The first one I went to was quite a few years ago and I wasn't really that impressed - there was so much tat.  I know that there are bargains to be had because I read many blogs that show off their wonderful buys - lots of vintage pieces, beautiful crockery, jugs etc - just the sort of things that I would love to find.

There is a local car boot sale held every weekend during the spring and summer months and I thought I'd check it out.  I came home with a couple of 'projects' to add to all the other 'projects' that I have stock piled in my garage!

This lovely wooden tray - not quite sure what I plan for this yet.  I could paint it and mount it on the wall as shelves or I could line the drawers with patterned paper and use as storage in my craft room.

I was able to use the tray to carry home some new plants for the garden

Luckily MrG came with me because I also bought this mirror for my dressing table.  I know it doesn't look like a 'project' but you should see the paintwork close up - shabby but not in a chic way!

I think my purchases this weekend have kick-started my interest in car boot sales - perhaps now I will be tempted to check my local one out on a more regular basis.  In amongst the tat there are some rather more tasteful things!

Friday, 6 April 2012

happy easter

Happy Easter to you all - hope you all have a lovely break. 

 my cute little Easter bunny - an Easter pressy not a finished project (I wish)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

breezy blackpool

After the lovely sunny days of the last couple of weeks the weather has taken a gloomy dip - April showers and cold breezes. Typical. Just in time for the Easter holidays!

MissG has made a couple of batches of muffins this week. She made a batch to take to school for a friends birthday then made another batch for her friends coming over.

MissG had her friends over for a sleepover. She reminded me that I had also offered to take her and her friends to Blackpool for a day during the Easter holidays - I don't actually remember agreeing to this! So... as promised (reluctantly) her a sleepover took place this week - four fourteen year old girls under one roof! I have always found sleepovers quite stressful and I usually breathe a sigh of relief when they all return home. However, this time was so much easier and not at all stressful. Fourteen year olds are much more mature and the girls pretty much looked after themselves. Pizza, Doritos and dips, muffins and iced gems out on the patio (they were braving the weather). They painted their nails, sang their little hearts out and took photos of each other. MissG has the smallest bedroom in the house so they all slept on inflatable camp beds in the living room. The whole floor was covered in beds, sleeping bags and throws - it all looked very cosy.

Unlike Blackpool which was anything but cosy! Brrr brisk, breezy, blooming Baltic.

The girls had a great time but returned to the car feeling quite weary - that's how you feel if you have a sleepover and only have 3-4 hours sleep!

Blackpool isn't the place to go for shabby-chic, arty shops - no nice little crafty shops. Primark proved to be very popular. When we all met up at the car we were all carrying Primark bags. The girls had bought summer dresses, shorts, t-shirts and scarfs.

I bought brightly colourful wrapping paper, tea-towels and tealights.

I bought myself a picnic lunch from M&S and a packet of Percy Pigs for the journey home!