Wednesday, 7 November 2012

little sis

My little sis came down to visit for the day today.  We had a cuppa and one of the chocolate cookies before heading out to do some shopping.

We went down to Warrington to visit our nearest Ikea store (an hour away).  We had a leisurely stroll through the whole store, looking at all the room layouts and picking up ideas for our own homes.  Guess how much I spent?  Go on, guess.  I usually spend way more than I intend to so I was amazed that I spent a total of... 4 pounds and 40 pence!  Quite definitely a record.  Alfie is chuffed with his new friend :)

I do feel ever so slightly more Christmassy now after seeing all the Christmas decorations, cards and presents in M&S.  Both my sis and I have been trying not to think about Christmas as it will be our first Christmas without Mum.  We both have three children so we can't pretend Christmas isn't happening, we can't hibernate and come out again next spring when it's all over.  MrG suggested going away to a holiday cottage and making this Christmas really different but the children want to stay home - even though I have told them that Father Christmas will visit us wherever we are!

We did have a good day though.  Constantly chatting from the minute she arrived until the time came to wave her off!

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