Sunday, 3 November 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy (44/52) ♥

Snapshots of the week

Ben (aka Son1) phoned home from Uni this week.  Just for a chat.  Nothing unusual about that you might think.  Well it was unusual.  It was a very welcomed surprise as I hadn't spoken to him since Friday 20th September. I've been trying to give him 'some space' so haven't phoned him and I really wondered how long it would be before I heard from him!  He's in his final year at Uni and says he has been snowed under with work - he thinks he's crammed more work in the last month than over the last year - it's probably (and hopefully) not the case but it can feel like that when you've got your head to the drawing board.

Guy (aka Son2) has had a busy week this week too.  He has been for an interview (and been called back for a second - fingers crossed) and he has... big drum roll please... passed his driving test.  Fantastique.  Both he and his driving instructor walked towards me looking glum and his instructor said "never mind he'll do it next time" but when I turned to Guy he couldn't keep a straight face and he said "of course I passed".  I am really chuffed for him.

I enjoyed the silence for 20 minutes.  I sat in the car and read my book while Guy was in his interview. The view from the car window was stunning too...

MissG was off school this week so we went down to Kendal to do some shopping while waiting for Guy to have a driving lesson and take his test.  We also had a lovely lunch in Farrer's olde-worlde Cafe.

MissG went to her first party with friends from her new school, another sign that she's settling in.

She spent ages crafting this pumpkin.  It looks nothing until lit up in the dark.

Our dog, Alfie, was up to mischief too this week.  Look what he did to my newly crocheted granny squares!

I have made loads and loads of granny squares this week.  A total of 64.  I'm deliberating how to join them as I can't decide whether to edge each one with a double crochet in dark grey or make a final round with the dark grey before joining them.  Decisions, decisions.

I have also started a little foxy broach from the Mollie Makes magazine.  I find it hard to sit and watch TV without something to do with my hands.

I started this while watching Strictly Come Dancing. I must admit I'm not enjoying the programme as much this season.  I love the dancing but think the presenters (yes both Bruce and Tess) should move on - I usually turn the sound down when they're waffling on as they make me cringe! Is it only me?