Saturday, 25 February 2012

a jolly jaunt

Oh, didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Portsmouth?

This week MrG had a meeting with a prospective client. The meeting was in Portsmouth - a 6 hour journey from our house. We have not been to Portsmouth before so thought it would be a good idea to keep him company on his long journey and check out Portsmouth while we were there!

We didn't arrive at the hotel until late so we dropped off our bags and headed out for something to eat. There was so much choice - British, Indian, Chinese, Italian and Greek restaurants, all on one street and just around the corner from our hotel! We plumped for a Chinese meal of szechuan chicken, egg fried rice and crispy noodles - just thinking of it now makes my mouth water!

The hotel was great too. A room with a sea view. We could have spent hours just gazing out of the window - there was so much to see. Hovercraft, naval boats, yachts and jet skiers. It was a hive of activity.

MrG's meeting was at 10am so he was finished by 11 and we had the rest of the day to explore.

We headed to the shore and the marina then hit the shops. There was a great selection of shops and some lovely little cafe's at the waterfront.

We went to Gap for jeans and t-shirts, Paperchase for lovely new notebooks (my daughter has inherited my passion for new stationery) and Cath Kidston for a knitted bear!

We also found some antique/junk shops, galleries and funky independent shops in Southsea. We bought posters and a design book from Southsea Gallery, a new keyring from Flo & Stan and MrG took lots of colourful photo's of the 'arty' streets of Southsea.

We were having such a lovely time that we decided not to rush home. We wanted to stay out and play for a little longer!

We left Portsmouth at 4pm but instead of travelling home we headed for Tewksbury and found a stylish Townhouse B&B to stay in for the night.

We awoke the next morning to the most glorious weather. Blue skies and sunshine - lovely. It really perks you up when you get a little taster of spring and it made it feel like we were away on holiday.

The streets of Tewksbury couldn't have been more different - very pretty. Lots of black and white buildings, crooked walls, bowed windows and little cobbled lanes.

We had a lovely time and have decided to go back and explore some more. We will try and book a holiday cottage for the summer or later in the year.

ps. and to round off a perfect trip - MrG got an email to say that he won the tender and the prospective client is looking forward to working with him. Well done MrG x

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