Thursday, 16 February 2012

craft work v house work

Craft work won the battle today!

I am Soooo loving this freehand machine embroidery. I know there's a mountain of housework that I should be doing but I've been distracted once again by my sewing machine.

I decided to have a go at making myself a header for my blog.

My Mum bought me some card letters (many moons ago) and they have been great to use as templates on patterned papers to make birthday cards. My daughter has had great fun with them too - making cards, posters and in her scrap books. I haven't used them on fabric before but now I'm fired up with this embroidery lark and there's no stopping me. I have already cut out all sorts of names and sayings. I've decided they will make lovely gifts. A framed name for a new baby, a framed saying for the bedroom (sweet dreams), kitchen (fancy a brew, time for tea), child's room (princess) etc...

Not that I'll be able to do them all today! House work must be squeezed into the day's proceedings at some point!


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