Wednesday, 8 February 2012

book club

Our book-club meets up every 4-6 weeks and we take turns to host and choose the next book. Our group is not at all highbrow (maybe some of the girls are - but they hide it well!). We are a group of Mums who enjoy a good read, a good chat, a good laugh and the odd glass of wine. Although we do 'talk books' and review our recent reads we also manage to cover a plethora of interesting subjects (of course I couldn't possibly divulge). It's reassuring to know that other families are going through similar trials and tribulations with their children whether it's primary schools, secondary schools, GCSE's, A'Levels, Uni, girlfriends, boyfriends or leaving home! It really is good to talk - I always come home feeling far less stressed!

Over the last year our selection of books include the following...

Are you part of a book-club? Are you highbrow? Maybe you could recommend some reading matter. I'd love to hear from you x

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