Saturday, 11 February 2012

something new

OOOOoooo isn't it a wonderful feeling when you try something new and you find that you love doing it! *Ahem*

Today I went to a 'freestyle machine embroidery' workshop and had a brilliant time. There was a group of about ten of us there armed with our sewing machines, fabrics, threads and embroidery hoops.

Although I love all sorts of crafts and I am the owner of a sewing machine I have only really used my machine for making cushion covers, curtains and the odd costume when the children were in school plays - my daughter played Angel Gabriel when she was about 8 (oh, how proud was I!).

Anyway, I'm trying to let you know just how basic my machine-sewing skills are, as is my dear old sewing machine. It is quite an old model and quite basic compared to the new ones available today. Saying that, have you ever sat down and just tried all the stitches available on your machine? I usually just run up a few seems in straight stitch and neaten off using zig-zag but the tutor encouraged us to try as many stitches as possible and I was surprised at just how many different stitches my 'old dear' had.

By the afternoon we had all gained control of our machine so we progressed to freestyle! Ooo this is where it got exciting. Our tutor demonstrated her drawing skills using the sewing machine to draw a very detailed fish, with scales, bubbles etc. She was able to draw using the machine as well as some of us could draw with pen and paper. She had some samples of her work to show us and her figurative drawings were like pen and ink illustrations - I was very impressed and inspired. Thank you Katie.

The afternoon flew by and I really wasn't ready to pack up and leave at the end of the day. My dear old machine will not be banished to her hiding place under the desk. She will be on the dining room table for the next few weeks, at least.

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