Monday, 6 February 2012

magazines and make-overs

Look what was in my postbox today...

my new Country Living magazine

I resisted temptation to take a peek before heading to the office as I may have been lost in it for a couple of hours! But now that I'm home from work (and the school run) I am going to snatch half-an-hour or so before making our evening meal (kedgeree tonight).

I have a 'bit of a thing' for housey magazines. I used to have a 'bit of a thing' for ALL magazines and found it hard to resist buying a new one (or two) each time I was out shopping - even if just popping out for a pint of milk. A few years ago I started to cut down and have reduced my intake gradually (to avoid the withdrawl symptoms) and now just treat myself to the odd one. I have just started a subscription to Country House and Interiors magazine and my Mum and Dad have paid for my subscription to Country Living for the last couple of years as part of my Christmas box.

I keep my magazines for years as the interiors are quite classic and timeless. They are value for money because I dip in and out of them when I need some inspiration. I have loads of decorating to do in my house as it is looking shabby - and not in a chic way. I'm guilty of starting projects when I'm keen and full of ideas but then losing momentum and not quite finishing the job!

Take my bedroom wardrobes for example - a bargain buy at our local antique/sale rooms. I wasn't shopping for wardrobes I was just browsing one Sunday afternoon when I spotted these enormous wardrobes and had a feeling that they'd be just perfect for us. They were the most ghastly orangey pine but I could visualise them as they would look after a shabby-chic make-over. We had to dismantle our bed just so the delivery guys could get the thing in the room.

The wardrobes have now been given the shabby-chic treatment, off-white egg shell paint and new ceramic knobs and a lavender heart - it's all looking lovely. Just as I had visualised except......

the drawers have been left like this for the last few months. Maybe if I name and shame myself here on my blog I will feel obliged to finish off all the loose ends.

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