Sunday, 26 May 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy (21/52) ♥

Four 'happy' moments of the week - with long winded explanations!

The tension was building on Saturday night.  It was 8pm and Eurovision was about to start on the TV but... I couldn't tear myself away from the computer because I was bidding for armchair on Ebay and I was up against someone who was also keen to win.  The auction didn't end until 8.20pm and MissG kept shouting through (my computer is in the hall) to let me know what was happening with Eurovision.  MrG said to bid the highest that I was prepared to pay and leave it to chance but if I'm honest I enjoy the thrill of the last few minutes and like to come in with a sneaky bid within seconds of the auction closing.  Cheap thrills!  Well in this case it was as I managed to grab myself the armchair and matching footstool for a mere £53.  Result.

This is what started my quest for an armchair.  While sorting through my stockpile of Country Living magazines (I can't possibly take 100 magazines with me to the new house, can I?) I spotted this fantastic chair and I could just imagine how good it would look in our new cottage.  I 'googled' the Trippy Granny armchair but could only source one in America.  It could have been an old advert as I had magazines dating back to 2008.

I like this one too.

So I set on a quest to find an armchair to cover in similar flowery fabric as the Trippy Granny armchair and found this armchair and matching stool 

and this fabric on ebay.  

1 happy moment Tick √ 

2.  Happy moment number 2 was a whole day of happiness.  

Said chair paid for and ready to collect.  It was a mere 97 miles away near Thirsk in North Yorkshire.  No worries I thought,  let's make a day of it.  So I met my sister at Tebay and we toddled off through the Yorkshire countryside, chatting all the way.   

We made good time because we used MrG's SatNav (only been out of the box on one outing) and it took us right to the door.  We had a laugh about the SatNav's pronunciation of some place names, the highlights were north-alert-on was Northallerton and racky-corka lane was in fact race course lane.  What fun.

It was a lovely sunny day.  We enjoyed an M&S picnic on the way home followed by tea and cake at a little cafe.  We had a browse around the shops at Kirkby Stephen too.

3.  Happy moment 3.  The sun shone all day and MrG and I left the office and sat here to have our lunch.  Our office is just behind that cherry blossom.

4.  And finally happy moment 4 was a trip back to Kirkby Stephen,  this time with MrG.  Rooting round the antique, vintage, shabby chic shops.  I bought an old wooden tray and a vintage ceramic jam jar - not much to look at but they will be useful in our new home.

We stopped off for lunch at .... and sat outside in the sun.  

This is the view from our patio table - glorious.  

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