Sunday, 2 June 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy (22/52) ♥

This may be true but sometimes things are sent to try us.  Sometimes you get 'bad' news in the post on a Saturday morning and you know, no matter how hard you try, that it will put a dampener on the whole weekend.  

Sometimes you get 'bad' news in the post two Saturday mornings in a row!  This 'house moving' business is becoming really stressful and I just hope that if we steadily put one foot in front of the other we will eventually get there and it will all be worth it.

My little snippets of happiness this week...

1.  A new Boden polka dot scarf and notebook.  Sometimes you just have to buy a little something to keep your spirits up.

2.  A trip to Garstang to look at summerhouses and garden offices. 

We are in limbo at the moment, just hanging around waiting for a date for moving.  We've packed everything we can so far - I've already re-opened boxes trying to find the kitchen scales. We can't make any plans about the house move we just have to be patient and wait!  

One thing that we can do is dream.  We can dream about all the things we would like to (eventually) get for our new house.  So this weekend we headed out in the sunshine and went to visit Oakenclough, a local company who design, build and install summer houses, sheds, cabins and garden offices.  We would like to put a garden office at the end of our garden as we could do with the extra space to use as a craft room/spare bedroom.

3.  A trip to look at yet more summerhouses.

We went to Low Hesket to look at Morton Garden Buildings.  On the way we took a little detour off junction of the M6 to look around the Airstream showroom at Tebay.  Absolutely amazingly stunning.  They are built on site and you can see them from empty shell to modern, sleek 'state of the art' trailers - it's almost an insult to call them a caravan.

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