Saturday, 11 May 2013


I was in work yesterday - up in the office in Penrith.  Working away like a little beaver, chuffed about getting through so much paperwork and finishing the day feeling much more 'sorted' and in control. 

Just as we were about to lock-up and leave, the heavens opened and it poured down.  No point in us both getting wet so MrG went to get the car (we park up a long climb out of the town centre) and he left me in the dry office - good deal I thought.  

Our office is over three floors and as I was heading back down to open the door for MrG I twisted my ankle on a loose floorboard.  The pain was excruciating.  I hobbled to the door to let him in then I fainted!  Luckily I could feel it coming on so I laid down on the floor and didn't actually fall.  I hate feeling faint - it's as if your body is giving in and although you can feel it coming on you have no control to stop it. Horrible feeling.  I think the faint was worse than the ankle injury.

MrG helped me to the car, convinced me that it wasn't broken and that we weren't going to have to spend our Friday evening in the casualty department.  He drove us home, collecting a Chinese takeaway, a bottle of red and a family bag of maltesers on the way!  Just what the doctor ordered.

This morning my ankle does feel tender but I can walk on it (so it can't be broken, can it?) and I have no excuse to not get on with the packing.  I think I may need to rest and put my foot up (and do a little bit of crochet) at regular intervals though!

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