Sunday, 12 May 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy (19/52) ♥

My 'happy' moments this week include - 

1. Lunch with MrG.  We usually just have filled rolls for lunch when we're at work so this was a nice treat.  We popped along to No.15 Cafe where they serve great fresh food.

"who is the tart?" asked the waitress "that's me" I replied.  It was only when I looked up at MrG's face that I realised what we had said.

and MrG was the ploughman.

2.  A trip to the hairdresser isn't usually something I enjoy and I think it's one of the first times that I have left feeling so happy.  I don't like being overly styled and bouffant-ed.  I have long hair but don't really do much with it - I just dry it by pointing a hairdryer at it while I bend my head to each side.  A low maintenance girl, that's me.  I'm usually pleased with the colour and cut but often when it comes to drying it hairdressers feel the need to fuss about with long hair and over style it.  This time Shelley, my new hairdresser, has made a really good job and I'll definitely be going back to her.  She cut it into a lovely shape and left my fringe long, which I'm happy about.  She coloured it so that it doesn't look coloured, it looks so natural.  And finally she dried it using a big round brush and made these lovely curls - I've never had curls like these before! 

3.  In between packing the contents of our home into cardboard boxes I have taken a moment or two to notice our lovely garden springing into life.  

The apple tree has the prettiest pink blossom... 


the quince is a riot of red...

the purple and blue alpines in the garden wall... 

and the clematis is just warming itself and getting ready for it's unveiling...

Just to keep you in the picture re the house move - the packing is proceeding but are the plans for the house move?  Who knows?  It's all gone quiet.  It's all in the hands of the surveyors and solicitors so hopefully they are busy and things are proceeding behind the scenes.  I hope to have something to report next week?!?  Keep you fingers crossed for me.

 4.  Crocheting.  My stripey blanket is steadily growing at a rate of 2 - 3 rows per day.  Slowly but surely.  At this rate it will be a perfect size by the time I'll need it in the autumn! Because it does get a bit repetitive doing row after row of the same stitch I have attempted to make a few little love-hearts and flower coasters.  Not sure what I'm going to do with them but I'm sure I'll think of something.

Hope you had a good week too.

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