Sunday, 19 May 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy (20/52) ♥

Firstly, my apologies for a picture heavy post.

Joining in with littlebirdie and the 52 Weeks of Happy

I have had a lovely week this week with many 'happy' moments but my four highlights are... in order of appearance -

1. Successful attempt at a new recipe
2. A quiet moment
3. Day out with MrG - part 1
4. Day out with MrG - part 2

1. Successful attempt at a new recipe.  I discovered a new recipe to add to my family favourites.  I'm not a great cook, not bad but not great.  I don't often try new recipes, I'm not a collector of recipe books.  I do enjoy watching cookery programmes and do occasionally tear pages from magazines if I see something that appeals but they are filed away and I don't usually get round to giving them a go.  But... every so often I get bored with the meals I make for my family and so this week I reached for my magazine clippings and found a recipe for Creole-style spicy prawns with pea rice.  Mmm...

2. A quiet moment.  I had a couple of hours to fill while waiting for my son in town and instead of rushing around shopping I popped into the newsagents and bought a couple of magazines, a bottle of water and a seriously delicious chocolate bar and parked my car in the park, high up above the town.  I sat quietly and enjoyed the moment - in blissful silence.  Highly recommended.

3. Day out with MrG - part 1. MrG took the day off on Sunday and our plan was to empty our attic.  I'm surprised our ceiling hasn't collapsed under the weight of all the junk up there.  Is it just us?  or is your attic groaning too?

On Sunday morning we decided that we's pop out for a while and return home to tackle the attic in the afternoon but once we were out we found any excuse not to return home  so many interesting places to visit.  

We headed over towards Grange-over-Sands and up to the Yew Tree Barn at Low Newton.  

Harry's Cafe Bar has replaced the Hat Trick Cafe (where they served the most fantastic chowder) and the cafe has had a make-over.  It looks lovely and inviting.

4. Day out with MrG - part 2

We then went down into Grange-over-Sands and had a stroll along the prom like a little old couple! 

But it was very nice to have MrG home and we did have a lovely day.  

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