Thursday, 9 May 2013

impromptu day off

Today is one of my two allocated days to travel up to our office in Penrith but today my plans went pear shaped by 8.30am.  

I was doing the school run at 8.15 when MissG realised that she had forgotten a couple of 'crucial' things.  It is her last day at school today, tomorrow she starts study leave and only has to go into school on the days she has an exam.  So for today she needed her School Year Book as it was her last chance to get friends to sign and write their good wishes she needed batteries for her camera to take photos of everyone.  So little old me had to do a double school run - drop the kids at school, about turn, home for said items, about turn and back to school!

By that time it really wasn't worth doing the 40 mile trip up to the office only to set off back by 2.30pm to do the school run again.

So... I ended up with an impromptu day off.

On my return trip to school this morning I took Alfie with me and we enjoyed a blustery walk along the river at Kirkby Lonsdale.

I'll have to head up to the office tomorrow instead!

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