Sunday, 5 May 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy (18/52) ♥

My four 'random' happy moments of the week...

1.  Oh what a laugh we had - Alfie had a haircut!  This is the BEFORE shot.  

I took him to a new 'hairdresser' and collected him a couple of hours later.  I think the 'hairdresser' was a bit scissor happy!

This is the AFTER shot/s.  He doesn't look very happy though, does he?  Poor thing!

2.  I called into town to visit a new hairdresser for my own mop.  The grey hairs are coming through at an alarming rate.  I had a consultation to discuss my new colour and to do an allergy test.  All being well, I will have my hair cut and coloured next week.  I find it scarier than going to the dentist as I've had a really disastrous experience in the past.  On the way back to the car I spotted this patchwork throw and although I tried to resist (really I did) I just couldn't take the chance that it wouldn't be there next week so I had to have it.  My first purchase for my new country cottage.

3.  I'm a very low maintenance sort of girl and don't spend much on beauty products.  In fact I cringe at the cost of having my hair done.  I wear the bare minimum of make-up, I wear mascara every day (I have piggy little eyes without it) and I do like my 'lippy' but apart from that I don't really bother with anything else.  That was until I started using this restoring eye cream from the Boots anti-ageing range.    I had dark shadows around my eyes and I looked tired all the time so I thought I needed a little pampering.  I've been using it for the last 5/6 weeks and I am starting to notice a difference.  I'll be keeping this as part of my low maintenance morning make-up routine as I'm a liking the results.

4.  We have enjoyed some lovely warm sunny days this week and the garden is coming to life.  These little beauties have just flowered.  I've just googled the name as I couldn't remember - they are called Bleeding Hearts. 

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