Friday, 1 March 2013

I've got the crochet bug!

I have amazed myself this week.  I have practiced and persevered and have finished my very first crochet project.  I've never been a knitter or a crocheter so I'm rather chuffed with myself!

There are some great tutorials on YouTube and I bought a little crochet book.  I progressed from the 'flat' daisy-like flower to this little pink rose-bud, complete with cute little leaves.  

I then decided to try to 'make' something so I watched (yet another) YouTube video to see how to join in new colours.  Once I mastered that I was off. . .  and made myself this little strip of stripy stripes!

and this morning, after a bit of stitching and tidying the ends, I have my first crochet tah-dah moment.

A colourful crochet coat-hanger complete with rose-bud embellishment - tah-dah!

What will I make next?

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