Sunday, 17 March 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy (11/52) ♥

Four little happy moments of this week...

1.  Birthday celebrations.  Of course, it was Guy's 18th birthday this week so I must mention that (again) as one of my happy moments.  I was a tad disappointed that he chose to spend the evening with his girlfriend but hey-ho he is growing up and I am happy that he is happy!  We are all going out for a meal to celebrate his birthday when his big brother returns from Uni next week.

2.   had a 'long overdue' phone call from Ben this week.  It was lovely to hear from him.  He will be coming home for a couple of weeks holiday - I don't think he's pining for home I think it's more to do with his funds getting low!  I'm looking forward to having him home nevertheless.

3.  In preparation for putting our house on the market I have been doing some decorating.  I have 'neautrally' painted walls in most rooms so it's easy to give them a lick of paint to refresh them but this weekend I have put myself to the test and hung some Cath Kidston wallpaper in an alcove in MissG's room.  I don't know how but the room somehow seems so much bigger now.  I need to get the white paint out to make-over her pine dressing table (an ebay find) and mirror (a car boot sale find).  Her wardrobe and chest of drawers are already painted white thank goodness so that has saved me a job.  I bought an Ikea day bed (from ebay) a couple of years ago and it's been up in our loft because when I got it home it wouldn't fit in her room (doh - it pays to measure up before bidding!) but we have been able to bring it back down and use it as she has moved into the bigger bedroom now that Ben's at Uni.  The room is not quite finished but it's already looking lovely.

4.  I received a surprise gift in the mail again this week - this felt Easter chic.  (Thank you to my friend Ginny - a little something will be winging it's way to you shortly).  I plan to collect some twigs from the garden to make a decoration for the fireplace.  I will hang my little chic together with an array of little 'practice' crochet flowers that have no purpose other than to look pretty!  I will take photo's when ticked off my 'to-do' list.

I'm off to change into my painting gear (I'm a messy painter) and get another couple of hours painting done in the daylight.  These 'energy' bulbs are not the brightest and no matter how thorough you think you are it can look quite patchy when the curtains are drawn the next morning!

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