Sunday, 3 March 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy (9/52) ♥

We've had some lovely sunny days this week - it was so nice to feel a little warmth in the air.

Hey-hey, I think Spring is on it's way.  This week I spotted the first daffodils and the first spring lamb.  

On the school run on Thursday afternoon I noticed that the temperature gauge in the car had risen to 13˚.  I drove past a guy fixing a dry stone wall with his top off - I'm not sure if it was that warm!  The chap in the petrol station said how much cheerier customers have been this week.  A little sunshine goes a long way to brightening everyones mood.

We've had a busy, busy week.  Son2 had his very first driving lesson on Thursday - he was quite anxious about it but thoroughly enjoyed it and is now looking forward to his next one (1 a week at £33 a pop - ahh!).  We took MissG up to Penrith on Tuesday and Thursday to attend two 6th form Open Evenings - she now needs to decide which subjects to study at A'level.    Plus all the usual stuff, work-work, house-work, home-work, grocery shopping, school-runs etc.  Oh yes, and I sneaked in a couple of hours in the garden centre cafe with my friend Helen - tea and cake and a good chat - just what I needed.

My 'happy moments' this week include -

1.  Teaching myself to crochet!  At long last.

2.  Receiving my utility bills and 'whooping' with relief to find that both my gas and electricity bills are in credit!  I have had the central heating on much more than usual because I've been working from home.  I know it's not exactly news worthy but it did put a smile on my face!

3.  Buying a pair of burgundy Converse All Stars.

4.  A little trip to Penrith Crafts shop for a few little goodies. 


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