Sunday, 10 March 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy (10/52) ♥

a colourful collection of photographs this week to accompany four little 'happy moments'...

A colourful meal - and quick and tasty.  A baked potato with beans and cheese, lettuce, tomato, orange pepper, coleslaw and beetroot.  Mmm looks good enough to eat!

A colourful card arrived in the post.  A 'thank-you' card from my friend Ginny.  I love getting emails but I ♥ love ♥ receiving letters and cards in the post.  What a lovely idea too - not only is it a pretty card but it contains poppy seeds ready to sprinkle in my garden.  I haven't seen them in the shops but I'm going to track some down to buy to send to my friends and family. 

A colourful tent.  A new Cath Kidston brochure also arrived in the post this week and this amazing tent caught my eye - isn't it funky?  I remember when the children were younger and we would have a tent up in our back garden for most of the summer holiday.  Sometimes they would just play in it during the day and sometimes they would camp out overnight.  Our tent was a boring plain blue (which I'm sure the boys were happy with) but oh how I wish MissG was still a little girl and I could buy this for her (and me!).

and finally a colourful bunch of tulips.  I love the mixed bunches.  Quite garish but so zingy and cheerful.

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