Wednesday, 27 March 2013

woodland walk

I usually have to drag my family out for a walk.  They enjoy it when they're out and feel better for it when we get home but boy-oh-boy do they drag their feet at the suggestion of joining me for a walk! 

So, it was with some surprise that MissG suggested going for a walk on Sunday.  She had an ulterior motive of course but I didn't mind as it got us both outside for a bit of fresh air and exercise.  Alfie, our pooch, was more than happy to join us and did his 'happy feet' dance while we were getting our jackets and scarfs on.

As part of her GCSE art project she had to take some photo's of flowers and greenery so the following photo's are courtesy of MissG...

Pretty pink cherry blossom - in March!

Isn't this snowdrop amazing?

Isn't this the strangest looking fungi?

Isn't it fascinating what you see on a little stroll in the countryside?

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