Monday, 25 February 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy (8/52) ♥

I'm feeling down in the dumps.  I wish I didn't.  Not sure why I do, maybe it's just the time of year.

I do have four 'happy moments' to share with you though.

This week has been very, very chilly but we have had some sun too.  I braved the cold to pop out into the back garden to photograph the mass of purple crocus - it's lovely to see some colour in the garden.

Alison, my little sis, came down for the day so we went out for lunch and had a little browse around the shops.  I bought myself a new book (I didn't recognise the authors name - Pauline McLynn is the lady who played the housekeeper on Father Ted).  I didn't really need a new book, I have a stockpile of about 20 paperbacks that I'm sure I'll get round to reading one day?!?

I also bought this little box of sticky toffee chocolates for my friends birthday.  I love the illustration and packaging - I hope the chocolates taste good too (you'll have to let me know Ginny).  I'm quite a chocoholic (quite?!?) so I'm quite impressed with my self-control not to 'taste test' them! 

Now don't laugh.  Look at my little crochet flowers!  I made them.  Yes, me!  I am chuffed to bits with my first 'real' attempt at crochet.  I have picked up a crochet hook before but found I was all fingers and thumbs and got into a real tangle.  I just couldn't figure out how to hold the wool and ended up with stitches too tight to pull the wool through.  I, am no natural.  But I sat in front of my computer, hook poised and ready for action, and followed a couple of YouTube videos.   and... slowly (very, very slowly) my first flower took shape.  I could see the odd 'odd' stitch but my next attempt was a little bit better then my next was better still and I started picking up speed - well, from very, very slow to just slow!

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