Friday, 15 February 2013

handmade valentine's day

I woke to find MrG had left for work but had left a little card and pressy on the bed.  A lovely handmade (not by him) card and a handmade (not by him) love heart mug.  Handmade by someone else but lovingly chosen by him for me!

I handmade a card for MrG (as per my Handmade Card Challenge) using a free download from GerberaDesigns, printed the design onto handmade paper (not by me) then coloured in the design and stitched the border on the sewing machine.  (I must point out that the photo doesn't do it justice!)

I bought him a red rose (he laughed) and a bottle of red wine, then I made him a meal of Chicken Tarragon with fresh pasta followed by a Toffee Apple Tart.  I hadn't tried either of these recipes before so I was relieved that they were both easy to make and delicious. Thumbs up!

There's a lot to be said about food photography.  If this photo had accompanied the recipe I may not have been tempted to try it!  It did taste good though.

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