Wednesday, 5 September 2012

sewing station

Instead of the lovely colourful sewing I usually have on the go in my craft room I have been doing boring alterations to boring black school trousers!

My little lot are back to school today - all refreshed and raring to go.  I think starting back mid week is a lovely way to start the new term, a few days to gently get us all back into the routine then a weekend to relax.

In my constantly buzzing mind I have made a little mental note to schedule/allow myself a full day crafting in the hope that I manage to focus my energies and get a pile of stock ready for a Christmas Craft Fair.

I have lots and lots of ideas for cushions, bags, pictures, fabric cuddly/dangly things!  Today I have made a list of all the items I would like to make and will (hopefully?!) work my way steadily through the list and mark it with lots of ticks!

I made these stripey cushions and matching bunting last weekend - I think I am keeping them for myself though, for my camper van trips.

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