Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I like a bargain

While out searching for a birthday present for Emma (my son's girlfriend) I popped into The Works (a discount book store) and spotted this book.

It has some really lovely ideas with beautiful photographs

and inspiration for making Christmas presents

it was a bargain price too.

I found a present for Emma.  The little shop I went into had a fantastic array of gifts.  One of those shops that you'd be happy to take home one of everything!  I spotted so many things that I'd like for myself. I ended up buying two silver bracelets and gave my son the choice of which one to give to Emma and then kept the other for myself.  Emma and I share a birthday so I thought it only fair!

I also popped into a new charity shop and bought myself this purple polka-dot scarf and heart necklace.

I rounded off my day with a visit to the cinema.  I met my sister and Aunt and we went to see Anna Karenina.  I really enjoyed the film and loved the story but would have preferred a different leading lady.  Have you seen it?  What did you think?

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