Saturday, 29 September 2012

mirror makeovers

Many months ago I bought a couple of old mirrors from Age Concern and finally got round to giving them a makeover.  I used the same paper to cover them both (I think it's a Cath Kidston design) but painted one white to go in my craft room and left the other one gold as it was in better condition.  Anyhoo this how they turned out.  It's quite tricky to photograph a mirror when you're camera-shy!

craft room mirror - before
... and after
and the Hall mirror - before

... and after
The hall bookcase (pictured above) and my kitchen dresser (pictured below) are next in line for a make-over.

I have always used Farrow and Ball paints as I love the colours but have decided to try out Annie Sloan paints this time.  I have read a few blogs that have raved about Annie Sloan paints.  The fact that this paint covers virtually anything without the need for sanding or undercoating is a huge bonus when tackling a big project like my dresser.  I googled Annie Sloan paints but then checked images to see real results rather than just looking at the paint chart - I think it helps to see an item painted in the colour rather than just a small swatch of paint.  MrG and I have chosen quite a strong blue - Aubusson and now have to decide which bits to paint and which bits to leave unpainted.  Again I checked out images of painted dressers and I think I am going to leave the top and the back panel unpainted and then paint the rest.  What do you think?

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