Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I did something this morning that I haven't done for over twenty years - I did some jogging!  Now don't laugh.

When I was at school many, many moons ago I was quite sporty, believe it or not.  I was in the netball team and was one of the fastest at running the 100 and 200 metres.  Cross-country running (jogging long distance) was not a strong point though and I was always one of the ones that walked whenever I was out of the teachers view, I always had to be chivvied along.

A couple of ladies I know took up jogging a few years ago (when they were quite rounded like me) and now they are one of those slim joggers that you pass while out driving your car and you wonder just where they find the time and energy to fit in a three mile jog!

Well, at a recent book club meeting we were discussing diet and exercise and I asked "do you think anyone can become a jogger?" and one of the ladies said to check out the website Couch to 5K running plan.  Over a 9 week period the plan helps you get from couch-potato-mode (no exercise) to jogger-mode (jogging for 30 minutes).

I haven't yet started my plan because you do need to be equipped with a decent pair of running trainers and more importantly (for me) a really decent sports bra!  I ordered a bra online and it is the most amazing thing - it doesn't look pretty but boy does it do the job.  

This morning as I said, I tried some jogging.  I didn't tell you that the jogging was in fact in my living room!  I wanted to check out my new purchase so I put on my gym kit and the music channel on my TV and jogged on the spot and around my living room for 15 minutes.  Now I know that doesn't sound too impressive but believe me it is.  It's a start, isn't it?  It has had a strange effect on me - I'm now looking forward to going for my next jog!

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