Saturday, 9 June 2012

Photo 9: my view today


I didn't go out today so this is the view from my hall window! 

I patiently waited in for the delivery of my new kitchen table and chairs.

I patiently waited last Wednesday too!  I then got an email to say that the chap was 'stuck' in London - he had gone down to join in the Jubilee celebrations and he was unable to get out because the traffic was so heavy and there were so many road closures and diversions.

Today I got an email to say that he would be here at 1pm at the latest.  Then I got an email today to say that they were running 4 hours behind as the rain was so heavy they were having difficulty getting furniture into the van without getting it marked by the rain.  Then I got an email to say they would put it on the van when the weather brightened up and they would deliver first thing tomorrow!  8am on a Sunday morning - no lie in for me then!

I hope it's worth it.

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