Sunday, 16 June 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy (24/52) ♥

Still joining in with Jen at LittleBirdie. Here are my four happy moments of the week...

1.  Making birthday cards.

Oh the birthday season is upon us - it all goes a bit crazy during June and July for my family. At the start of the year I challenged myself to make every greetings card I need for the whole of this coming year.  I started off well (as you usually do with a challenge) but have had to let things slip because most of my craft supplies have been packed ready for the house move (good excuse).

With limited resources I made a card for my sisters birthday and one for my Mum-in-Laws birthday. I'm afraid I then purchased 3 Father's Day cards, one for my Dad, one for MrG's Dad and one for my children's Dad!  Oh well.  I'll pick up the challenge just as soon as I get settled in our new home.

Happy 45th (sshhh) Birthday to my little sis

and Happy Birthday to my Mum-in-Law, Antonietta

My sister is also trying to make all of her own cards so I bought her this fab book for inspiration.  It really is a good one, packed with ideas.  I went back to get myself a copy but they were sold out.  I've just found it on Amazon this morning so I may have to treat myself.

2.  MissG had her final exam on Friday and I was able to collect her at 11am.  I sang a little ditty about it being the last ever school run I'd ever have to do (until I maybe help out with my Grandchildren - which I hope is a looooong way off) until she reminded me that Guy has his last exam on Monday and I'd have to do the school run again with him.  Oh well, I'll save my little ditty until then.  I've been doing the school run since 1997 when Ben started primary school.  That's 16 years worth of school - I think I deserve a medal.

3.  MissG will attend her end of school Prom next week so we have been doing all the usual prep for that.  Both my boys refused to go and so I'm really pleased that MissG is going to hers.  She has always said that she wouldn't go but she has really matured over the last year or so and she has developed an interest in clothes, shoes, make-up etc. like most 16 year old girls.  I imagined a long floaty dress with long floaty hair but she's a bit edgier than that and wants something a bit funkier.  I'm hoping she will let me post a photo next week!

4.  Stripy blanket and granny squares.  I have come to the conclusion that it's best to have a few crochet projects on the go at the same time.  Sometimes I get a bit bored when doing my stripy blanket.  I am enjoying the fact that I have mastered 'crochet' after so many failed attempts and I'm chuffed that I am actually making something useful (and pretty).  I love the colours I've chosen for my blanket and can imagine it being a very handy 'sofa' blanket in the autumn/winter months.  I love being able to make the stitches without having to watch my every move - I can watch TV at the same time - woah.  But sometimes I question why I have made it so wide as it takes me about 25 minutes to complete just 1 row.  

Last night I didn't feel the usual urge to do a couple of rows so I looked through my wool stash and settled down in fron of the TV to make some granny squares - they are so quick and simple that I made 7 in just one evening.


  1. Very pretty crochet! I love the granny squares. I read the book Pigeon English below last year, it was a good read and one that I thought about for a while after I finished it.
    M x

    1. I must admit I'm a bit obsessed with my granny squares at the moment - they're so easy to pick up when I have a spare moment. I've finished the book now. I enjoyed it too but was shocked by the ending. Very sad. I could do with a nice and easy feel-good book now.

  2. That crochet blanket is gorgeous. I know what you mean, I am hanging in there with the last few rows of a crochet throw. And the throw isn't even that big! I think it's a good idea to have big and small projects on the go at the same time. x

    1. I think you're right but my big project hasn't seen the light of day since I started my granny squares!

  3. I like having a big project on the go, but it's good to have the little ones to pick up in between as well :) xx

    1. My big project hasn't been out of the basket for over a week as I've become addicted to my granny squares! I keep telling myself that I have plenty of time to finish my big blanket before I'll need it to keep me warm in winter - but not at this rate.