Tuesday, 3 April 2012

breezy blackpool

After the lovely sunny days of the last couple of weeks the weather has taken a gloomy dip - April showers and cold breezes. Typical. Just in time for the Easter holidays!

MissG has made a couple of batches of muffins this week. She made a batch to take to school for a friends birthday then made another batch for her friends coming over.

MissG had her friends over for a sleepover. She reminded me that I had also offered to take her and her friends to Blackpool for a day during the Easter holidays - I don't actually remember agreeing to this! So... as promised (reluctantly) her a sleepover took place this week - four fourteen year old girls under one roof! I have always found sleepovers quite stressful and I usually breathe a sigh of relief when they all return home. However, this time was so much easier and not at all stressful. Fourteen year olds are much more mature and the girls pretty much looked after themselves. Pizza, Doritos and dips, muffins and iced gems out on the patio (they were braving the weather). They painted their nails, sang their little hearts out and took photos of each other. MissG has the smallest bedroom in the house so they all slept on inflatable camp beds in the living room. The whole floor was covered in beds, sleeping bags and throws - it all looked very cosy.

Unlike Blackpool which was anything but cosy! Brrr brisk, breezy, blooming Baltic.

The girls had a great time but returned to the car feeling quite weary - that's how you feel if you have a sleepover and only have 3-4 hours sleep!

Blackpool isn't the place to go for shabby-chic, arty shops - no nice little crafty shops. Primark proved to be very popular. When we all met up at the car we were all carrying Primark bags. The girls had bought summer dresses, shorts, t-shirts and scarfs.

I bought brightly colourful wrapping paper, tea-towels and tealights.

I bought myself a picnic lunch from M&S and a packet of Percy Pigs for the journey home!

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