Thursday, 29 March 2012

new toys

My hubby has got me addicted to apples. Not the shiny red/green fruit. Apple Macs, Apple iBooks, Apple iPhones, Apple iPods and Apple iPads.

We've always worked on Apple Macs at work in the studio and when our home PC died we replaced it with an Apple Mac. MrG has had an Apple iPhone for years and has upgraded each time a new one came out - I always thought it was a 'boys and their toys' thing and didn't really take much notice. The kids have Apple iPod Touch's and iPod docks too.

I'm no technophobe. I work on a computer in the office and I enjoy my time sitting browsing blogs, ebay and online shopping on my computer at home (maybe a bit too much sometimes) . I just haven't been that bothered about iPods, iPads, iPhones etc. I've never felt the need to have the latest technology - as long as I had a phone to be used to contact someone if my car broke down or if school needed to get in touch about the kids then I was quite satisfied.

MrG then bought me an iPad as a present last year and I must admit that I am hooked - I love, love, love it. It’s the most fantastically brilliant present and I’m soooo pleased with it. I was able to take it to London with me to ‘play’ with and it was a joy to have for the train journey – I was able to do crosswords and solitaire while listening to podcasts of Desert Island Discs. Brilliant! The three hour journey flew by. I can get my ‘home’ and ‘work’ emails on it and can check out my favourite blogs and websites. I can also catch up on TV programmes in bed at night (we don't have a TV in our room) and I can use it to listen to plays while I'm in my craft room.

It’s my very own iPad. Isn’t the cover fab too? It’s from Cath Kidston, no less!

Of course, I had to order it to match my keyring! Very funky.

Well this week I've gone one step further!

I've been trying to take lots of photo's for my blog and have been so frustrated with my digital camera. Every time I want to use it the batteries need replacing. I also don't like to carry the camera everywhere as well as my phone so I've been checking out which mobile phone has the best camera. And guess what? The iPhone came out tops in my research!

So...look what the Postman brought me today.

Ooo a lovely shiny new toy

with shiny new bits (technical term)

and... a CK cover to finish it off - lovely!

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