Sunday, 25 March 2012

spring has sprung!

The garden is coming back to life - spring has sprung!

It's so good to see the colours of the flowers and blossom, even the greenery is bright spring green.

the azalea's have lots of buds on them - a glimpse of things to come

the delicate pale pink of our Cherry blossom

and the most fantastic red blossom on our quince tree - it's stunning

As spring has sprung I have started my spring cleaning in preparation for giving the place a lick of paint. I was kick started into action because I looked up into a hidden corner in our kitchen and noticed the most enormous cobweb - a really embarrassingly huge black cobweb. It's so embarrassing that I'm in two minds about showing you the photo. Will you be disgusted?

Quick, scroll past!

It looks as if it has been there for years and years doesn't it? How disgusting!

You'll be pleased to hear that my house (and I mean the whole house) is now a cobweb free zone. Not a single one survived.

All the cushions came off my sofas and chairs and all the hidden dust and debris was hoovered. All the hidden corners, nooks and crannies, nothing escaped the hoover nozzle.

I have bought the paint ready to do the kitchen, staircase and landing. Now I just need to find the time and energy to tackle it!

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