Wednesday, 15 June 2011

farewell to my old mac

Hi folks.  Grab yourself a cuppa and I'll explain the reason for my long absence.  

I started this blog at the beginning of May with the intention of writing a blog each day or at least every other day but things have already gone awry!  Firstly I managed to lose my blog when selecting a new theme then my Mac took it's final breath - it left me quite distraught.  It hadn't been well for some time and it was hit and miss as to whether it was going to switch on - even encouraging it by calling it nice names and coaxing it into action didn't work.  Come on darling, I love you. No, it didn't want to play ball.  Anyway, I mentioned my distress (!?!) to my husband and said I miss the computer more than I would miss the TV and that I was going to be quite lost without it.  I must have put on quite a good show because a couple of days later a new (to me) Mac was delivered.  Oh joy, oh joy, oh joy!

Now I'll be able to update you with all my goings-on...

We have had such lovely weather lately so I have been drawn to our local garden centres.  MrG and I went shopping last weekend and bought trellis and lots of new plants for the garden.  It's a beautiful day today so I'm going to enjoy a lovely afternoon in the garden. 

I've also planted up lots of peppers and found a sunny spot for them on my windowsill.  Some are bell peppers and some are chilli peppers but I haven't labelled them so I'll just have to wait and see which are which!

I've not grown any fruit or veg from seed before as I'm hopeless with house plants as I forget to water them.  I'm hoping that because the peppers are on the windowsill in my craft room I will see them everyday and be aware of their needs!

I have also planted six tomato plants in a little green house (one of those cheap little plastic ones).  They are doing really well and already have lots of flowers on them.  We just need a little more sun please!

If my tomato plants are successful then I may invest in (or drop hints for) a small wooden lean-to greenhouse that I spotted in our local garden centre.  I don't think the plastic one will last very long as the wind has bashed it and the rain gathers in the top and weighs it down.  Hopefully it will last throughout this summer so that I get a lovely crop of little toms.

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