Sunday, 27 January 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy (4/52) ♥

This week has been a really quiet week.  Just a plodding along week.  No exciting adventures. 

Still working from home because BT still haven't connected the phone/broadband at our new office. I'm quite liking the fact that we don't have the commute to do especially in this wintery weather.  We haven't had much snow, just a light covering, so there was no disruption to school and MissG was able to go in and do her four GCSE exams this week - I'm sure she was praying for heavy snow!

1.  The cheap bird feeder that I bought (for only £7.99 cheep-cheep!) has gone down a treat with the birds.  MrG put out water, seed, nuts and fat-balls and it has drawn so many birds to our garden - blue tits, coal tits, long-tailed tits, a robin and a wren (I love to see a wren).  I also threw half a crusty cob out onto the lawn and it has attracted a thrush (or two) and the loaf has been hollowed out within a couple of days (we haven't had a thrush in our garden before).  On Wednesday morning we were fascinated to see a tiny, little mouse sitting in the seed tray having it's breakfast.

2.  I have been doing a little crafting this week - making a couple of birthday cards.  As I mentioned before, my sister and I got a Cuttlebug for Christmas and we've bought lots of embossing/cutting folders, card, ribbon, and little embellishments.  We have set ourselves a challenge to make all our own cards this year.  So far, I have made 3 Happy New Year cards, 1 thank you card and 2 birthday cards.  It's not saving us any money as we're spending more on buying the materials but we are both enjoying ourselves!

3.  My lovely new box files arrived this week (to store my card making materials).  I ordered them in the Cath Kidston sale.  I love this design.

4.  No photo to add - sorry, I'm a bit camera shy!  My fourth 'happy' moment this week was a long overdue visit to the hairdresser.  It's not unusual for me to wait until I get to the 'desperate' stage before making an appointment but then my hairdresser had to cancel a couple of appointments because she was ill so I was well and truly desperate by the time I got there.  I have long hair and was going to get it cut quite a bit shorter (a new look for the New Year) but I chickened out at the last minute and ended up with a good trim.  I was very pleased with it though as she chopped off all the split ends and straightened it so it looked very sleek and lovely - I can never quite achieve that look at home.  If I do have a 'good' photo taken (improbable) then I will post it!

Hope you had a good week too x

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