Sunday, 13 January 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy (2/52) ♥

I've been feeling pretty positive this week (long may it last) and have had my share of happy moments.  Here are just four of them!

Tea and Toasted Teacakes

You may (or may not) remember that before Christmas I mentioned that we have BIG plans for this year.  

We currently live on the border of Cumbria and Lancashire and we are hoping to move forty miles further up to into Cumbria to the market town of Penrith.  MrG and I have been down here for about 22 years and have lived in this house for the last 15 but have always fancied moving back up towards Carlisle, where we met at art college.   The reason we haven't made the move before now is that the children are settled in school and we don't want to move them before their final exams.  Well, this year they will both be taking their exams, SonG is taking his A'levels and MissG her GCSE's, so it seems an ideal time to put our plans into motion.  On Christmas Eve we took our first step and signed the lease for a property in Penrith and over the Christmas holidays we moved our business up there.  We are hoping to sell our house and buy a new one in Penrith later this year.  We're not sure about the timing though, when do we put our house on the market if we don't want to go until July/August?  

Anyway, back to the photo above.  They say that each cloud has a silver lining.  The cloud is - although we have moved into our office, have paid our rent, paid the insurance and all the other bills we can't actually work there until BT connect us as we need a broadband connection - this is not going to happen until 1st February!  The silver lining is - MrG and I are working from home so there's no commuting and worrying about the icy roads and... we get to have leisurely breakfasts in our cosy kitchen!

Cinema in Carlisle

Many years ago (about 6 I think) I had to organise a seminar in London as part of my job and a perk for me was while I was there I was treated to a theatre show of my choice.  I chose Les Miserables and enjoyed it so much that I have yearned to go back to see it again.  So now that the movie has been released I just had to go check it out for myself.  I was up in Carlisle visiting family this weekend so went to see it with my sister.  Have you seen it?  I thought it was really good but the singing was quite distracting at times and nowhere near as good as the live shows.  I did enjoy it though and will probably go again at the weekend with MissG.

My New Car

Another reason for my trip to Carlisle was to collect my new car.  I'm a happy bunny!

Italian Ice Cream

I took my Dad, sister and niece for a drive to test my new car out on quieter roads before I had to drive home down the M6.  We went up over the border into Scotland to Langholm and visited the most fabulous Italian ice cream shop - a delicious treat even in January!

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