Sunday, 20 October 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy (42/52) ♥

Oh boy what a week.  I feel shattered.  I have been feeling as if I have a cold coming on over this last week and I've had a sore throat, headaches, achy neck and shoulders.

Apart from going in to the office a couple of days I have tried to stay cosy in the house all week.  I have been keeping myself busy with some craft projects though.

It only took a couple of evenings to make myself this hot water bottle cover and I am so pleased with it that I may attempt to make a couple of colourful covers for Christmas presents.  I have threatened my family that they will all receive a crocheted item for Christmas!

I also had a go at making Christmas cards - they are so home-made looking that I may not actually send them!  The thing is I love cards and I'm sure to see some that I just have to send instead.

On Friday I had to go out to attend a course.  *Big Confession *  I had to attend a speed awareness course after being caught speeding.  Naughty me!  I have no excuses for doing 34 in a 30 zone but I would just like to say that I was on a straight open road approaching the village and hadn't reached the houses where I would of course have slowed right down.  I am such a cautious driver and have driven for 30 years without any offences so I was quite upset.  My son, who hasn't passed is test but is currently taking driving lessons said there are no excuses and said "it's 30 for a reason", which is true of course.  Slapped wrist for me.

It just so happens that the hotel where I attended the course was right next door to Hobby Craft so I met my sister and we enjoyed some retail therapy.  Today, she came round with her felt and we made the Needle-felt Robin from Kirstie Allsopps Craft book.  I am really, really pleased with my little Robin.

On my drive too and from work I pass a lady's house that has a little stall at the roadside with plants, cut flowers, jams and chutneys for sale.  Last week I pulled over for the first time to take a look.  It was the bright orange lanterns (Physalis) that caught my eye.  A bargain I think at £2.50 so I popped the coins into her honesty box and came home to play with them.  I say play because I spent quite some time deciding what to do with them.  I tried hanging them along the beam in my dining room, then I tried arranging them in 3 different shaped vases until I finally found one to keep them upright.  They have been in my kitchen/dining room for over a week and I have enjoyed the bright cheery colour.  Today I decided to have another play with them and arranged the lanterns around a hoop and made this wreath for my front door.  

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