Sunday, 13 October 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy (40-41/52) ♥

I am almost up to date with my blogging backlog.  Here's a quick summary of weeks 40 and 41 of my 52 weeks of happiness...

I don't know if you remember but I attended an interview back at the beginning of July, before we had even moved house.  You may remember that it was my first interview in over 20 years.  Well surprise, surprise (as Cilla would say) after not hearing a word for 3 months I received a phone call to offer me the post.   I'm pleased and anxious in equal measure at the moment but I'm sure everything will be fine! Doesn't everyone feel apprehensive when starting something new?

MissG has coped really well with her first few weeks at her new school.  I'm really proud of her as I know it's been hard for her.  We had our first parents evening and her teachers said some very positive things about/to her.  She is taking A'levels in Media, Art, Sociology and English language.

Another first for us was having our chimney swept!  We had a gas fire at our old house and always wanted to replace it with a wood burning stove but we never got round to it - maybe it was the cost!  So we love the fact that we have one here in our new home.  We thought we'd be sensible though and have it swept before lighting it.  And look... isn't it lovely.

And another first.  This cushion.  Now look at it closely.  Isn't it lovely?  Well I know to you it's just a pink cushion but... well to me it's a major achievement.  It is my very first attempt to do two things - making piping and inserting a zip.  Woohoo I did it.  I am chuffed to bits with it - it looks so much more professional than my other hand made cushions.

I should also point out that this chair, this gorgeous chair, is my long awaited make-over chair.  This project has been on the go for months and months.  In fact I mentioned it here in May when I bought this chair and matching stool on ebay for just £53.  Since then my chair (and stool) has had a make-over by the fabric fairy - well, no not the fabric fairy but Trish at Trish Hart.  She has made a fantastic job and I am delighted with it.  It stands pride of place in the dining room and is mine, all mine - permission must be granted to sit on it!

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