Sunday, 21 April 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy (16/52) ♥

Very, very busy but much to smile about this week.  

The children started back at school on Monday and had a full-on week.  You can tell that the exams are pending.  Project deadlines, revising etc. it's all go, go, go.  This also involved me doing the school run three times a day as Guy stayed late putting the finishing touches to his chair for his 'design & technology' project.  I've also been sourcing and supplying polar white fleece for said chair and 20 gauge silver wire for MissG's art project!

We have also had a check-up at the dentist (all OK), Guy's had a driving lesson (now out on the open road) and MissG and I went to visit a school in the catchment area of our new house with a view to starting 6th form in September. 

Our 'house-moving' plans are progressing too.  MrG and I have had a meeting with the Building Society and lengthy phone calls with our solicitor and the estate agent.  We have had the surveyor here to do a Home Buyers Report for our house (all OK).  As I say it's all go here at the moment.

My little 'happy moments' amid the mayhem...

1. The sun shone, the birds tweeted, and the first daisies popped up through the grass.

2.  I popped out of the office to get some stationery supplies and found this little cross-stitch.  Just the printed cross-stitch, no threads but a bargain at £1.99.  The colours look quite garish here but I'm sure it will look lovely framed and hanging in my new cottage!

3.  MrG didn't go into the office on Saturday - he stayed home to clear the shed!  We've got so much 'stuff' to pack.  A shed, a craft room and two lofts (one in the house and one in the garage) and the rest of the contents of our three bed semi.  We did manage to spend some time relaxing on the patio though.  It was so lovely and sunny and warm that we sat outside to have both our breakfast and lunch.  This was my first ever taste of gnocchi - MissG wanted to try some as she loves Italian food.  

and finally...

a coconut marshmallow... just because!

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