Sunday, 14 April 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy (15/52) ♥

Well, what a turnaround.  I've had a much happier week this week, thanks goodness.  Last week was just a little blip!

As I'm now 15 weeks into the '52 weeks of happy' I thought I should link back to Jen at Little Birdie where the idea originated - the idea to record four things per week that have made you happy. I started 15 weeks ago at the beginning of January but you can join in anytime.

the happiest people don't have the best of everything 

- they just make the best of everything

1.  This week we had some brilliant news about our house.  I'm a bit of a pessimist (I wish I wasn't, but I am) and so although I want to tell the world about the good news I almost don't want to mention it just in case in all goes belly-up.  You know when people say 'if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is' well that's kind of how I feel.  I'll whisper it to you then maybe I won't tempt fate (I know I sound like a complete wuss).

Whisper - Our house went up for sale on 6th April and by the 10th we had an offer from a cash buyer.  The next day we received an offer of the full asking price from a lady with nothing to sell and keen to move in as soon as possible.  Oh my goodness me!

And if that wasn't enough to throw me into a flap of nervous energy then listen to this...

Whisper - We went for a second viewing to a house that I so, so want to live in.  I shed a little tear (privately) at the first viewing because it's just so 'me' and I can imagine us living there.  Anyway we had a second viewing (no tears this time because I had my practical head on) and the next day our offer was accepted.  Oh my goodness me!  Deep breaths and count to ten.

After the initial excitement on Saturday I am now feeling anxious.  It's now all in the hands of estate agents, surveyors and solicitors so we're just playing the waiting game.

A quiet moment of contemplation.  Tea and a lemon & poppy seed muffin (helps settle the nerves).

2.  It was my Papa's 79th birthday this week so my sister and I took him out for the day. 

3.  My sis came to stay overnight and we went out to the cinema to see Identity Thief - it was such a laugh.  MissG and her friend were there too (not sitting with us as they're far to cool) and she glanced over just as I was dancing to the closing track - she was so embarrassed!  Sis and I laughed so much.

4.  A colourful cupcake - a treat from my niece, Robyn.

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