Monday, 24 October 2011

summer hols

Well no foreign climes for us this summer. We spent a wonderful week in sunny Scotland and had a thoroughly relaxing and rejuvenating time.

We hired a fantastic cottage that was well and truly 'away from it all'.



 The nearest village was called Strontian in western Lochaber (I think The Proclaimers sang a song about Lochaber didn't they?). Anyway... Strontian village is located on the shore of beautiful Loch Sunart, a sea-loch which cuts deep into the mainland from the Sound of Mull.

The cottage was reached by a mile-long single-track road.  One of us had to jump out of the car and open and close the deer gates along the track.  We didn't see any deers near the cottage but we did have very close encounters with a family of pine martens!  They came to our cottage for supper each evening - we put peanut butter sandwiches out along the windowsills and they came right up to the window to feed.  Unfortunately we didn't get any good photos because of the reflection on the glass.
There were some wonderful walks, views and sandy beaches.  If you haven't been before then I highly recommend a holiday there. 






As always one of the problems of taking a holiday is that we always return home wishing that we could live somewhere else and the whole house-hunting lark starts again!  Do you ever feel like that?  Do you think it's just a case of 'grass is always greener'?  Or is it that you feel relaxed on your hols and wish that feeling could stay with you all year round?!?

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