Tuesday, 31 December 2013

December Days

Doesn't December fly by?  There's always so much to do.  

Very little time for blogging - here's a quick December summary!

I enjoyed a quiet moment with a mug of tea before the mayhem began..

I made a few Christmas cards, and wrote a few Christmas cards and posted a few Christmas cards and delivered a few Christmas cards!

I stopped for refreshments - a tasty snack while out Christmas shopping

I admired the Christmas lights in Carlisle

and the  spectacular sunset on the way home

I decorated the house - decorations everywhere

I hung up my cards - I love to receive cards but never know how to display them

I made this advent calendar - with pockets for sweet treats

I gave my dresser some Christmas treatment too

I draped fairy lights

I decorated the tree - I'm definitely going to have a real tree next year

I collected these pine cones in the park while out walking the dog

I made a Christmas wreath 

I wrapped lots of presents

all ready to open

I think MissG was very happy on Christmas morning

and I was too - didn't I do well?

I (as usual) left the cooking of the Christmas meal to MrG - he made a fabulous feast

I cleared the table - it's at times like this that you wish you'd asked Santa for a dishwasher!

I surveyed the Christmas bottles of booze

I chose a cheeky wee Babycham - did you know that you can still buy Babycham?  I didn't!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too.

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