Wednesday, 30 November 2011

not so nice november news

Well, what can I say? Not the news I was hoping to share with you. I don't actually know if I should be sharing this with you but my blog is a form of diary and it may help for me to put it in writing. We have had the most devastating news about my Mum and it has shaken us all to the core. 

Mum went see her Doctor at the end of September as she was feeling anxious and had a shortness of breath so she was treated for anxiety. The shortness of breath became so bad that she was taken to hospital and it was discovered that she had fluid on her lung. That was treated and she was released from hospital after a week but was told that the fluid was due to an infection and she had to go back in for a CT scan to see where the infection was coming from. Well, we got the devastating results on 14th November. Her breast cancer (from 5 years ago) has spread to her lung, liver and brain. As you can imagine we are in a state of shock. 

I can't believe it. My lovely Mum. I have been driving up to Carlisle to see her as often as I can and have taken her to the various hospital appointments. She has had radiotherapy on her brain and chest and has numerous tablets to take. The doctor is pleased at how well she is responding to the treatment so far. Apart from feeling very tired she is quite bright and chatty. I love you Mum x.

Meanwhile, on one of my trips to Carlisle my husband phoned to say that the results of a recent blood test have confirmed that he has diabetes. Can you believe it? He has been to see the diabetic nurse this week and has been given dietary advice and a little machine to read his blood three times a day for the next week or so. He is a 'shower, shave, dress and out of the door' sort of guy and can't be doing with all the parping about!

I think while I'm at it I will get it all off my chest here and now and also add that my son (16) has just been for a blood test on Tuesday as he keeps feeling dizzy and faint - results should be back next week. My sister has been diagnosed with PBC (primary biliary cirrhosis) and feels really tired and drained - she needs regular iron infusions. Then her daughter has just had a scan which showed that she has stones in her liver - she'll need an op to remove them.

We have been a relatively healthy family until now and for it all to be diagnosed over the last couple of weeks is just too much!

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